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October 2006
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lady_anon [userpic]
Letting Go part 2

The Circle was amazing. I will go every quarter from now on. At one point, we had a ritualistic letting go of sorts, in which we wrote down something we were really ready to let go of on a corn husk, and then burnt it in the cauldron. It felt so good to let this thing go. In a nutchell, I had a friendwhom, for a very short time was a very special friend. We had alot of good fun together, and I had hoped that would last forever, but circumstances didn't allow for that, and we have drifted apart in many ways. I have been chasing her around for the last year, trying to make a friendship work that just isn't gonna work. It was nice to really realize this, and let it go. I hold no hostility towards her at this point, and I don't even feel remotely hurt over the situation, which I did for a long time. I really feel like this has been an amazing healing experience, and I'm excited to move on. :)

Current Mood: calmcalm