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October 2006
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lady_anon [userpic]

I am weaning myself away from you, and I know that you can feel it happening. I am trying my best to do it in a way thats not hurtful to you, because I never want to hurt you. You have become unhealthy for me to be around, and I never leave your presence feeling better about myself. I think the meaning of true friendship, is exactly that...when you leave each others presence, you feel built up and happy. When I leave your presence, I want to fill my body with sugars and fats, just to try to feel good, which always backfires. My wish is that you are able to let go of your own insecurities, and find a better life for yourself and your family. Heal from your childhood, and your past mistakes. Move on from them, and stop living in them every day. Become the wonderful person your childhood robbed from you. I just can't help you any more.