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October 2006
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lady_anon [userpic]
something to chew on.

It was recommended that I start my OWN troupe, rather than deal with the drama between the two local troupes that want me. This is seriously creeping into my head, and I am all filled with butterflies about it. I've been brainstorming all day, writing things that come to mind...writing my vision. I need to gather people to me, who have the same vision. This will be the difficult part, I think. I think it is best to simply start out as a student troupe, and as the months and years pass, we will evolve into the professional troupe I envision. As a Capricorn, I have no trouble seeing the big picture...if anything, its seeing the small details along the way to the big picture that sometimes throw me. I need to really focus myself, and concentrate my efforts into this, which won't be easy, but nothing good ever is, right? :) Now...where to start..........

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